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Effective pest control is not killing the bugs you see; it is preventing them from happening to begin with. Red Dirt Pest Control is successful because we think like a bug. We use their behavior and habits to get rid of them. Thorough treatments customized to your specific problem combined with superior customer service is our winning combination.


Protect your home and your family from unwanted pests. Red Dirt Pest Control provides solutions to all your pest problems. We provide you with a thorough inspection and design a customized targeted pest control service to solve all your specific pest problems. Our integrated pest management process will eliminate the insect or pest issues you currently have and with our routine general pest service can prevent future infestations from starting. Don’t allow insects and pests to control your quality of life. With Red Dirt Pest Control, you can finally relax knowing you, your home and family are protected from unwanted pests.


For the last decade bedbugs have been making a come back in America. The adult is redish brown in color and has a tear drop shape. Nyphs (babies) are light or transparent in color. Bedbugs are the hardest insect to eliminate. They actively hide and they adapt very quickly. If one female is missed, you will be right back at square one in just a few months. Over the counter pesticides and home remedies are not effective on them. Bedbugs are a huge challenge to eliminate. You need to call Red Dirt Pest Control as soon as you realize you have them. We design a customized targeted bedbug treatment for your individual needs. We are successful at eliminating them. We are very thorough with our inspection and treatment process. Our targeted bedbug treatment comes with a 30 day follow-up treatment at no additional charge.


Red Dirt Pest Control makes it our job to protect your customers and business. We understand your customers expect a pest free environment. We offer effective integrated pest management services to ensure you and your customers don’t have to deal with unwanted pests. Infestations can cost you valuable time and money. They can be a real inconvenience to you and your customers. Eliminate your insect and rodent issues with the integrated pest management services from Red Dirt Pest Control. We believe that being proactive about your pest problem is a whole lot better than the alternative of costly infestations.


Termites cause millions of dollars in damage every year. They don’t just infest homes, they infest businesses as well. At Red Dirt Pest Control we offer an effective and affordable way to eliminate your termite problem. We provide pre-treatments for any new construction you may be doing. We provide buyers and sellers with peace of mind by doing an honest inspection for their real estate transaction. All treatments come with a warranty. New construction pre-treatments come with a 5 year warranty.

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Red Dirt Pest Control Warranty

We believe in the quality of our work. That is why we proudly offer a warranty on our residential pest control and commercial pest control services. We will do a touch-up service for your home or business free of charge if covered pest problems return between our scheduled visits. We guarantee to prevent all covered pests on the interior of your home or business.

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