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Home owners only think about pest control when they see a bug or mouse in their house. Red Dirt Pest Control has a more effective approach to pest management. We would rather not have to react to a pest or rodent, but to be proactive and prevent the issues from ever happening to begin with. This commonsense approach is what Red Dirt Pest Control strives to achieve. We use a thorough inspection to identify potential problem areas throughout your property and work with you to develop a solution to eliminate the pests before they become a problem indoors. We like to call it integrated pest management with targeted pest control services. This system needs to be maintained on a regular basis in ensure it is effective. This is why we customize your pest service to your specific structure and needs.

Red Dirt Pest Control’s residential general pest control service delivers a thorough integrated pest management process to eliminate pest issues you have now and to prevent future infestations from occurring to begin with. If you are experiencing a pest issue now, call Red Dirt Pest Control today to discuss the solutions we can provide.


We believe you the customer should decide the type of service you need and how frequent you need it. While doing the initial service we will identify potential problem areas and address them with you. We will discuss your expectations and customize our targeted pest service to eliminate your current problems and prevent any new infestations.

We recommend having your home service performed every 90 days or 3 months. We guarantee this quarterly service for the next 90 days. Our guarantee means we will re-service your home free of charge if pest problems return between our scheduled visits. If you want service more frequently, we can schedule to come out every month or every other month. You decide what you need. We will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. If you want us to come once to solve a rodent issue, mosquitos or any other service we provide, we will be happy to do that too.


Eliminates ants, beetles, crickets, spiders and scorpions This service includes a complete interior treatment and exterior treatment that includes treating around all doors and windows, patios, porches and garages.


Eliminates ants, beetles, crickets, spiders, scorpions, rodents, fire ants, fleas and ticks

This service includes a complete interior treatment, exterior treatment to include around all doors, windows, patios, porches, garages, rodent control, fire ant control and flea and tick control.

Standard Pest Service

Eliminates ants, beetles, crickets, spiders, scorpions and rodents. This service includes a complete interior treatment, exterior treatment to include around all doors, windows, patios, porches, garages and rodent control.


Mosquito Control

Bedbug Control

Mole / Gopher Control

Fire Ant Control

Roach Control

Termite inspections

Termite treatments

Termite pre-treatments for new construction or additions

Webworm / Bagworm Control

Wasp Control

Wildlife Control

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